16 Areas of Architectural & Learning Fluency

TCAAD is focused on the following attributes at the elementary level, developed during our architecture, engineering and creative media studios.  In addition, this focus directly correlates to the Georgia Department of Education College and Career Cluster/Pathway of Architecture and Construction.  In addition, our studios crossover into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well.

  1. Speaking and Writing Skills
  2. Critical Thinking Skills
  3. Graphics Skills
  4. Research Skills 
  5. Formal Ordering Systems
  6. Fundamental Design Skills
  7. Collaborative Skills
  8. Use of Precedents 
  9. Structural Systems
  10. Environmental Systems
  11. Building Service Systems
  12. Comprehensive Design
  13. Leadership

What you may find in Studio at TCAAD

In the Architecture Studio, you may find Kindergarten students developing an architecture language and architect alphabet word wall. In the Creative Media and Design studio, you may find students making visual reproductions of their learning. For example, a 3rd-grade student wrote a narrative about his life as a future architect. He then recorded himself reading the narrative and uploaded the recording to Chatter Box, an app allowing students to animate audio recordings. In the Engineering studio, the Maker Space in TCAAD, you may find6th-grade students creating a 3D replica of a well-known structure by well-known architects such as pioneer black architect Wallace A. Rayfield.