Welcome to The Community Academy for Architecture and Design

Our Mission & Values

The mission of TCAAD is to expose students to architecture and design in a learner-centered environment, which promotes creativity, critical thinking, and develops community conscious leaders.
The ultimate vision of TCAAD is to partner with communities to develop thriving children and sustainable neighborhoods using architecture and design-thinking as a conduit for positive inner-generational transformation.


In 2005, Tariq Abdullah, one of the founders of TCAAD, created an architecture workshop series, for students in grades K-12, aimed at exposing them to architecture and design. The workshop won an award from the American Architecture Foundation and named The World Peace House “A program of national distinction”. Tariq then developed an after-school and a high school architecture curriculum. After experiencing successes in Michigan and Georgia including workshops with DeKalb County Libraries, Tariq and his wife Tiffany received requests from parents to develop the program further by integrating more school subjects such as math, science, and reading due to the student's level of interest and excitement. After five years of holding workshops, internships and design fellowships at Tarchitects LLC, their architecture firm, the culmination of all of these instruments designed to expose students to architecture as a viable career, grew into the desire and platform for a charter school. Tiffany Green-Abdullah was the co-founder of the Minnesota chapter of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) and a consultant, project manager and educational planner for 21st-century schools. She has brought her experience in core educational programming to bear in the development of the vision and mission of TCAAD.