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Meet and Greet TCAAD Architect with Onsite Enrollment Completion

Hear from TCAAD Visionary and Co-Founder, Mr. Tariq Abdullah, AIA including Facility Design Presentation and Virtual Reality Tour. PLUS, Come out to complete your Enrollment. Toshiba is partnering with TCAAD to offer an onsite scanner/copy service for TCAAD families. Date & Time: Sat, May 18, 2019 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT Location: International Trade…

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Why Small Learning Communities?

What is a ‘Small Learning Community’? Small Learning Communities (SLC) segment large groups of learners to create smaller, more intimate groups within them for further understanding to take place. In schools, this is usually prized by the term “small class size,” however TCAAD focuses on design-thinking and models. When designing physical spaces to reflect that…

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16 Areas of Architectural & Learning Fluency

TCAAD is focused on the following attributes at the elementary level, developed during our architecture, engineering and creative media studios.  In addition, this focus directly correlates to the Georgia Department of Education College and Career Cluster/Pathway of Architecture and Construction.  In addition, our studios crossover into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well. Speaking…

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